School Zone

Children whose principal place of residence is within the Zone are generally entitled to enrol at this School, if that is what their parents/caregivers choose. Proof of residence is required on application for enrolment.

'Out of zone' placements are accepted on rare occasions, depending on enrolments.


Please be aware that our school is over capacity for 2017.
It is essential to enquire through our front office to establish if vacancies exist at your child’s current year level.
If no vacancies exist you will be redirected to the nearest school that can accommodate your child’s enrolment.

Walkerville Primary Capacity Management Plan

Changes to the school zone

Work on zone amendments has been suspended while the Education and Children’s Services Bill 2017 is before parliament.
The Education Department is looking at realigning a number of primary school zones in the eastern suburbs to accommodate the growing number of families in the area. The overall aim is to better distribute enrolments to public schools in the area, and relieve some enrolment pressure. Adjustments to current zone boundaries are being considered to ensure we are meeting the changing needs of the community, and accommodating students living in the area. The changes will not pose any significant impact to families currently at the school, and any siblings of existing students will be able to enrol to attend in subsequent years. A proposed zone for our school has been developed, and a copy of the updated map is available below. A number of principals from our neighbouring schools are reviewing changes to their respective zones and seeking feedback and support from their governing councils. Once agreed by the Education Minister, the updated zones will be made formally available on the department’s website. Parents are welcome to contact the school principal if they would like further information, or provide feedback to our Governing Council.

Revised Zone